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Our Partners Are Our Heroes

Photo Captions left to right:

Coca Cola during Covid, Sergey Brin's LTA aerospace company, Bryn Walker Women's clothing

by: Shelly Wong

Our Partners are not just our donors, they are our unlikely heroes.  They answered our Call to Action with big hearts and significant contributions.

The effect of this Pandemic on our lives is matched by the unusual donations that have been made to us. The majority of our donations have not been in money, but in in-kind donations. These in kind donations are not only valued in the cost of materials donated, but in the technical expertise and creative design that accompany those donations. Our Village wide effort showcases the resourcefulness, creativity, and sheer wackiness of all involved.

Watch for our Partner profiles this week how: Coca Cola bottles morphed into face shields, a blimp manufacturer turned their technology to making PPE, an urgent call for moving boxes turned into a bale high load and a woman's clothing manufacturer launched our journey for face masks. These stories show how companies not normally associated with health care or PPE became integral parts of our team and thus became our Heroes. Their generosity totaling $188,000 in in-kind donations is helping thousands of health care professionals and Covid patients get through this pandemic. During Covid, we have experienced frustration, fear and loss, but through the actions of It Takes A Village, we can do a small part to impart some hope, love and success.

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