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It Takes A Village In Action

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Due to Shelter-in-Place our community of volunteers is part of a fully distributed work arrangement with everyone contributing from their homes. While most of the volunteers have never met each other, that has not hindered the development of friendships and mutual respect that have formed through our shared experiences.

The sewists focus on sewing, a core and constant task in the Village. Our daily volunteer driver zig zags around the Bay Area dropping off and picking up materials. Our long distance driver does the same.

What about everyone else?

Our volunteers are flexible and open to completing a wide range of tasks and they do it with enthusiasm no matter when and what is needed.

Can you help cut fabric? Sure. Elastic? Sure. Nose wire? Sure.

Wash and iron fabric masks? Happy to.

Assemble face shields? You got it.

Drive all over donating the PPE we produce? No problem.

Refurbish N95s? Of course.

All of these replies can come from one individual.

Whenever we are met with a challenge our calls for help have always been answered. At the core we are bonded by our mission to provide PPE to health care workers and medically underserved communities. We are so grateful to have each other.

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