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Fashion, Friendship and Face Masks

Bryan and Michelle Walker of fashion company Bryn Walker, are our behind the scenes super heroes of It Takes A Village. For 28 years Bryn Walker (BW) has designed and produced women’s clothing in the Bay Area for women who demand comfort, quality and casual sophistication, but when Shelly of ITAV came knocking, BW became our corporate sponsor in every step of our journey. BW donated fabric, elastic, thread, plastic bags, and cartons for the first 20,000 of our fabric face masks. They also used their cutters to cut the fabric with multi layer cutting machines and their sewists to sew the initial batches. They continue to cut our donated fabric and source our valuable supplies such as elastic and plastic bags. Their professionalism taught ITAV how to make a quality product and set a standard for our home sewists to reach. The fabric they donated, some of which was imported from Europe, was uber stylish (and expensive) made for some of the best looking masks we’ve seen. As Shelly, founder of ITAV says, “Bryan, Michelle and I have been friends for 20 years. Only close friends might believe you when you set a goal for 50,000 masks. They never ask why, they just provide How. They are our behind the scenes 100% Partners in this endeavour.”

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